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Are you ready to take a fantastic trip down memory lane? My refurbished antique stereos in Yelm, WA, will give you the chance to do just that. Here at Rockin Radios, I have a massive appreciation for the beautiful character of the old classic cabinets that make their way into my shop. If you close your eyes, you’ll be transported back to times in your life when music helped create a beautiful memory.


Each classic piece is carefully restored. Cleaning and stripping the old, damaged parts is just the first step in the care I take with each stereo. The goal is to keep as many parts intact as possible or restore them with period replacements where they are available. I try to marry the old with the new so you can have the best of both worlds. The beautiful old world look you want with the functionality of modern electronics in your stereo equipment.


A Variety of Models to Choose From


Whether you are looking for a gift for a family member or just wanting to buy yourself that something special, I can help. You can choose from a 1941 Silvertone Model with capabilities for a CD player and an iPod Hookup, or a wonderful General Electric Model J805 from 1940. Whatever model you choose, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  

At Rockin’ Radios, I have a deep appreciation for the radio and music equipment of the past. Where some may see the antique musical devices of yesteryear as junkyard-ready items, appreciative collectors see rare or sentimental pieces just begging to be modernized. I’m confident that you’ll find an exceptional unit that you can't wait to display or use again in my collection. Take a piece of history home with you when you turn to me for upgraded classic radios in Yelm, WA.

In the 1940s, classic radios were a mainstay fixture in homes throughout the country. Homeowners and families relied on them for music, news, and nearly everything else. Today, the capabilities of modern stereo equipment far supersede that of the units of years past. However, many audiophiles and keen-eyed collectors enjoy the look of aged audio equipment.

Over the years, I’ve developed a great deal of appreciation for the wonderful, tube-powered equipment of years past. As a result, I’ve learned to employ the large measure of research, preparation, and skill that it takes to refinish and modify many vintage radios with contemporary components. When you're looking for vintage tube radios for sale in the Olympia-Yelm area, I’ve got many unique selections that are sure to entice even the most discriminating collector.

Transforming Original Radios Into Modern Stereo Equipment

 Many of the units I’ve received have arrived in poor condition often requiring a complete disassembly to perform the necessary restorations. The restoration process begins by stripping the cabinet and cleaning it in and outside. Most of the original screws are replaced, and any cracked or damaged boards are repaired. The cabinet is stripped down further, at which point, I sand the cabinet and fill in any crack or holes in the wood to renew its aesthetic and restore its structural integrity.

After resealing the cabinet, I completely stain and seal the unit, replace the original cloth and mount new stereo equipment inside the unit. I make a point to custom fit any contemporary equipment flush with the original model, such that it looks as sleek and authentic as possible. If you’re looking for an antique radio or amplifier that combines an older aesthetic with the high-quality audio of today, browse my vintage radios for sale. I’m sure you’ll find a unique piece that speaks to your needs. Be sure to ask about my local delivery and pickup services.

Contact my quality radio and stereo restoration company when you want a unique gift. I proudly serve Yelm, WA, and the surrounding area.


Antique Sound System - Yelm, WA


When I first get the radios they look like this, sometimes worse, they are dirty, scratched, been home for mice and insects, you get the picture. 


The next step for these radios is to be stripped down, old equipment (if any) removed, cleaned, they are sanded down, cleaned again, stained, and then clear coated. New fabric is installed along with a new face plate. (Laser cut blue)


The final step is to install new equipment. A new amplifier is placed in the cabinet, along with a new bass speaker. There is a connection for an iPod, also each radio comes equipped with a turntable and antique table to set it on. Speakers are also included. (But you can always add more)   

Vintage Floor Radio - Yelm, WA

General Electric Model J805 (1940) ($800)

(Components Added)

Sony STR-DH550 Reciever (90 Watts)

Kenwood 12" (Main Bass Speaker)

Pioneer PL-990 Turntable

CD Player

iPod Hookup

Antique Table (For Turntable)

Stereo Equipment - Yelm, WA
Vintage Stereo Setup - Yelm, WA

Silvertone (1941) ($800)

(Components Added)

Sony STR-DH550 Receiver (90 Watts)

Kenwood 12" (Main Bass Speaker)

Pioneer PL-990 Turntable

Polk TSi 200 Speakers

CD Player

iPod Hookup

Antique Table (For Turntable)


Radio Transformation!

This was one of the first radios to arrive here. It was found in a High School and had been abused and in some eyes ready for the junkyard. 

The tear down and stripping of the cabinet begins. Most of these are pretty dirty inside and outside. Most of the original screws are replaced and any cracks and damaged boards are repaired. 

The cabinet is stripped down further and sanding is done, as well as filling in any cracks or holes acquired in the wood over the years. 

The inside of the cabinet also is sanded and cleaned. Boards are replaced and the cabinet is sealed. 

The cabinet is completely stained and sealed with a dark stain and clear coat. 

The original cloth from the 1940's is replaced with new material where a new Bass speaker will be mounted behind it. 

The Receiver, CD Player, and new Bass speaker installed in the cabinet. (Back View)

This show the front view of the radio with electronics. This particular model had a pre-amp and mixer installed, along with the CD player. All radios have a laser cut front plate that fits around the Receiver and on most models CD player. The laser cut plate plates are custom fitted and show no rough edges that you would get with something saw cut.